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roof cleaning

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning roofs is important to the life of the paint and how long it will stay on the roof. Australian Roof Tilers ensure cleanliness to the highest degree before the sealers and paints are applied. We understand it is not always possible or practical for us to physically get onto a roof and give […]

roof spraying

Ridge Capping

Wild weather, wind, rain and movement of your house will over the years cause damage to your mortar under your ridge capping. Your roof must have solid, secure and sound ridge caps. Call Australian Roof Tilers to re-bed your capping and re-point your capping using top of range flexible compounds.   The benefits of ridge capping includes very safe roofing in […]

roof ridge capping

Full Restorations, Extensions & Replacements:

If an ageing roof needs a full restoration or replacement, call Andrew to give you a detailed quote on the cost involved. Our roof restorations are backed by a 10-year guarantee on workmanship and materials. Check out one of our latest full roof restorations at the Adelaide Oval. Australian Roof Tilers can help you completely transform the […]

Roof Painting:

Does your roof need a good roof sealing? A smart, clean, freshly painted roof will add great value to your home. Once your roof has been repaired, the professionally painted roof with ourpremium branded paint will limit damage from chipping, water and moisture, leaf and mould damage.   Australian Roof Tilers utilise only the best […]

Broken Tile Replacement:

Don’t need a restore but have damage? Cracked tiles? Call us! While you can fix broken tile yourself, it’s often a better idea to use a professional. It’s so easy to break additional tile or cause further damage to surrounding tiles, so it’ best to leave it to the professionals.   At Australian Roof Tilers, […]

Roof Leaks:

Adelaide is known for it’s wet winters and harsh summers. During the wintertime, it rains – a lot. If you notice water stains that extend across ceilings or run down walls, the cause is probably a roof leak. Australian Roof Tilers can track down and fix the most common types of roof leaks.   Small […]